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A Time of National Unity Isn’t How I Remember 9/11

A tiny American planted in a field of grass. | Image Credit: Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Content Warning: For posterity, the following article contains uncensored mention of racist slurs and hate crimes.

I was twelve years old when I saw Sam Raimi’s 2002 film Spider-Man on the big screen. I was going through a lot in my personal life at the time, but I was nonetheless excited to see one of my favorite superheroes in a movie theater. I’d been excited since I saw…




AfroSapiophile is a hub for critical thinking and analysis pertaining to civil rights, human rights, systemic racism and sexism across politics, entertainment, and history.

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Howland Crowe

Howland Crowe

An autistic perspective on prejudice, art, and society. Writer. Activist. Pun-lover. Twitter: @CroweHowland Facebook: Howland Crowe

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