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Black Disability History, Vol. I: Reclaiming the Black Disabled Experience

Photo credit: HolLynn D’Lil. Bradley Lomax and Judith Heumann are both seated in wheelchairs. Bradley was a Black Panther with MS and disability rights activist.
A photo of an issue of “The Black Panther” weekly newspaper, with photos of demonstrators celebrating the end of the 504 sit-ins below the headline “Handicapped Win Demands — End H.E.W. Occupation”. Dennis Billups, a Black and Blind protester, holds a sign that says “You Don’t Have To See It To Know!” in the midst of a crowd. Protesters are shown in another photo but not identified, while a photo above the main column of the front page shows Brad Lomax seated and smiling in his wheelchair, his caregiver Chuck Jackson standing behind him.
Johnnie Lacy, Independent Living Advocate, seated and smiling during an interview. Captured via video.
Photo by HolLynn D’Lil. Pictured is Joyce Ardell Jackson in negotiations with Senator Cranston of the Carter Administration.
An old newsletter advertising Joice Heth as a 161 year old woman and George Washington’s Nurse, called the “Greatest Natural & National Curiosity in the World.” The illustration of Heth is one that depicts her as extremely old and emaciated, with fingernails exaggerated in length.
A painting by Dorothy B. Wright, titled “Vesey Talking To His People”. Vesey stands before a Black congregation in a suit inside a church, presumably preaching to them.
A photo of Elizabeth “Eliza” Gertrude Suggs, seated in a dark dress with a book in her lap.
A newspaper feature on Robert Demosthenes O’Kelly, titled “The Only Negro Deaf Mute Lawyer in the United States”. In the center of the page is a profile of O’Kelly, bespactacled.
In this image, Tubman is seated, covered in a white shawl. Image thought to have been taken in 1911, by Elizabeth and Anne Miller.
A photo of Thomas Wiggins standing in formal attire and posing. Photographer: Germon, Washington Lafayette. Gifted to ICP by Daniel Cowin(1990). Retrieved here
An illustration of Cathay Williams, posing in uniform.



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Afroboricua. Maórocoti. Ratchet. Disability and Mental Health Advocate. Wakanda’s Chief Director of Accessibility Services.