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Black Disability History, Vol. III: Reclaiming the Black Disabled Experience

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, disabled cyclist. Photo Credit: Howard Lipin PHOTO: Yeboah stands at the side of a road with his bike raised in one hand while he poses, smiling with a helmet on. He is wearing a black and white track uniform with the colors of the Ghanian flag accentuating it.
PHOTO: Collins is seated in a bar, staring and smiling with glasses on and a coat. A woman with a pink shirt is standing at a table in the background near windows, a drink beside her.
Leroy Moore jr. sits outside by small trees in a white wicker chair, gazing pensively away from the camera. He is wearing a black t-shirt with a graphic image that says “Roll out Krip-Hop Army”.
Curtis sits at a cluttered meeting table with two men beside her, smiling with a black, yellow, and brown striped shirt.
Curtis sits at a long — and cluttered — meeting table, smiling in a black, brown, and yellow striped dress shirt. She has bright yellow earrings on. Two men (one with an eye patch) sit further down from her in the office, and there are paintings on the walls.
Credit: John Poole, NPR
“Little” Jimmy Scott is dressed in a dark suit, singing with his hand outstretched and microphone in front of him at the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Credit: Leon Morris/Redferns
Lorde is sitting in a non-descript room, smiling with her head tilted toward the camera while wearing dark blue clothing and a small watch.
“Poet Audre Lorde” 1983. Photo by Jack Mitchell/Getty Images. Lorde stands posing post-mastectomy in a monochromatic photo, wearing a black shirt and pants. She has an afro.
Yeboah is talking to a crowd in uniform. Ghana’s flag, with his charity’s name “Emmanuel’s ride for change” is on his shirt.
Yeboah wears a white and black track shirt with the Ghanian flag and its colors superimposed on the front. “Emmanuel’s Ride for Change” is emblazoned on it, with his name displayed over the flag design in white letters. He is talking to a crowd inside of a gymnasium. An enlarged poster of him in his track uniform, helmeted, smiling, and lifting his black-and-yellow bike by one arm as he poses is behind him. His right prosthetic leg, which has a decal of the US Flag, is visible.
Bicyclist amputee Emmanuel Yeboah was the subject of a documentary when he biked across his native Ghana. Photo Credit: Howard Lipin PHOTO: Yeboah is seated on porch steps, wearing a white shirt and shorts, and staring off-camera while he poses with his prosthetic leg folded across his lap. The American flag can be seen wrapped around it.
Description: Barbara C. Jordan smiles while wearing glasses in a blue and white striped jacket and white dress-shirt in 1983. Image Credit: Nancy R. Schiff, Getty Images.
Dr. Marbury performs “WSPD Stories in ASL” for her audience at a WSPD 140th Anniv. dinner in sign language while smiling.
Dr. Marbury is signing in ASL, performing “WSPD Stories in ASL” at the West Pennsylvania School for the Deaf’s 140th Anniv. Celebration Dinner. She is wearing glasses, a necklace, watch, and a pink dress-shirt with a black tailored jacket.
Yetnebersh Nigussie smiles, wearing a braided Tigray hairstyle, a dark suit, bright blue shirt, and a jeweled necklace.
Yetnebersh is smiling and wearing a traditional Ethiopian Tigray braided hairstyle, a dark suit with a blue shirt, earrings, and a necklace. A port obscured by the camera can vaguely be seen in the background.
Marsha smiles at the camera while leaning against a fence outside. She’s wearing her hair down with a teal top and blue shawl covering her back.
“Ladies and Gentlemen (Marsha P. Johnson).” Andy-Warhol, 1975. Marsha poses, staring upward while smiling. She’s dressed in black, wearing a blonde wig, makeup, red fingernail paint, with necklaces, a wristband, and a silver ring.



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