Colonial Rapists

Zionist Feminism and manipulative settler victimization

Nada Chehade


Israeli tanks engrave a giant Star of David on the spot where the 10/7/23 attack took place.
The rape of Gaza labeled by Zionists as "honoring fallen soldiers" that Israel killed themselves— Israeli tanks engrave a giant Star of David on the spot where the 10/7/23 attack took place.

In occupied Palestine, the struggle for those facing oppression is not between men and women but between the colonized and the colonizer. There is no misogyny or homophobia or any other phobias when Western bombs drop on us, just one people, Palestinians, resisting their annihilation by the genocidal Zionist thieves and thugs.

There is a consistent effort by Zionists to hijack the language of liberation to uphold oppressive systems. It aligns with a lengthy tradition where colonizers depict the colonized and enslaved as savage beings inherently prone to sexual violence against white or settler women — Aka—Barbie vs. Those barbarians.

Never mind that "systemic" rape claims amidst the shelling and burning of ravers by IOF (Israel Occupation Forces) themselves on Oct.7, 2023, were debunked weeks ago, which is why the Israeli government rejected the UN commission investigation into the alleged rape claims in the first place on the self-victimized basis that the UN has "an anti-Israel bias."

Dear fake white fembinists, a nuclear state can't go to "war" with the people they've caged for almost a century. Rape being used as "a weapon of war" does not apply here; it is a colonial fabrication to justify the ongoing Palestinian holocaust. Our liberation movement rejects your whiteness entirely.

Colonizers rape everyone they colonize because of the power imbalance of occupation. Besides, a state that carves out a big star of David on top of thousands of baby limbs and brandishes our faces, bodies, buildings, mosques, churches, schools, and hospitals with their symbols is not to be believed when it argues it isn't doing the same to Palestinian women — and men, and children.

For decades, Palestinian women, men, and children have been sharing accounts of enduring rape at the hands of their occupiers. Israel, which passed rape laws at the Knesset based on ethnicity, and whose military chief rabbi suggests that its soldiers are permitted to rape non-Jewish women during wartime, did not raise global concerns or condemnations.

"Believe all women" is meant to encourage women to speak up about sexual violence they face in their countries, not to peddle state propaganda against a refugee population under brutal military occupation.

So, no, don't you dare believe settler women because all settlers lie — the men and the women. They have coopted the narrative of oppression while being the oppressors, not only limited to sexual violence but also weaponizing Western antisemitism while committing a holocaust on Palestinians.

Colonial rapists, i.e., white feminism or Z- fembinists, are a stain on all of humanity.

Israel's inability to rescue a single Israeli captive in 66 days or accomplish any military objective has resorted to using unarmed civilians in Gaza as propaganda tools to assert victory. Aviva Klompas only believes in sexual assault when it's the right victim.

"Let them itch!" Ben Gvir sneered about cutting the water to Gazans and giving them lice. Do manufactured diseases wielded against an indigenous population sound familiar? How about mass starvation to force natives to leave their homes? Amidst a chickenpox outbreak wreaking havoc in the refugee camps this week and lives martyred due to treatable diseases as a result of medical terrorism and blockade, Colonial fembinists chose to plop up anti-indigenous propaganda to elicit pity from you.

With almost all Western institutions seemingly on the Zionist's payroll, UN Women skipped over occupation, apartheid, and genocide to peddle a wildly irrelevant issue against a population that is being deliberately starved, diseased, and bombed in a cage to shine a spotlight on the out of context topic of gender-based violence.

UN Women is alarmed at fake reports and not the brutal military occupation and siege of Palestinians for almost a century

Meanwhile, a staggering 90% of Gazans have been displaced, with thousands killed, maimed, dismembered, and disabled by Zionist bombs. The situation is dire; Palestinian women are being forced to undergo C-sections and amputations without anesthesia and having their wombs removed to prevent life-threatening bleeding.

IOF executed and injured pregnant Palestinian women and children at Kamal Adwan Maternity Hospital. There are babies with all four limbs missing. All Palestinian hostages who were released in the hostage exchange deal recounted the sexual violence they faced by IOF, including babies as young as twelve. Yet UN Women couldn't muster the courage to support Palestinians without bothsiding after receiving backlash for their original post.

There are no two sides to this story, just the genocidal Zionist occupier and their caged subjects.

Zionist mouthpieces and colonial feminists have unleashed deceptive campaigns not based on evidence but on emotional manipulation to appeal to racist notions. Hasbara troll and "I'm proud to be racist," May Golan regurgitated outlandish and debunked claims of mass rape on Oct 7, 2023, but never in her life addressed even a single instance of the decades-long rape allegations against Palestinians. Nor has she ever voted to end the occupation.

Zionists lost their humanity the moment they threw Palestinians into concentration camps and stole our homes. This is evident in the alarming statistic that 92% of Israeli rape cases go unresolved, underscoring a pattern where the same oppressive tactics used against Palestinians are also directed within their own community because colonization is predatory behavior; it is rape culture.

So go ahead, Karen, you fucking thug, with your pity party, bothsiderisms, and depravity as if the timeline started when the caged resisted and not when European invaders raped our entire community in 1948.

We see you and your face, Zionist — your name will go down in the dustbin of history as a colonial rapist and fembinist sadist.

Hi, I'm Nada, and I am from Palestine. Our abusers, rapists, and colonizers are being elevated above us during our genocide. The entire region saw straight through the mass rape atrocity propaganda Israel peddled on Oct 7. 2023 — except Colonial feminists because they are just as predatory as their male counterparts. We collectively rebuke you.