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Emerging Unscathed From Cop Encounters

Where can a guy with a G.E.D. and a bad attitude make a good living barking at, bullying, berating, and occasionally even beating up Black people? Your local police department of course. And if you happen to be especially talented at lying, conniving, and conspiring against Black suspects or defendants, you could even wind up a millionaire minor celebrity like Mark Fuhrman. Remember him? The former L.A.P.D. detective…




AfroSapiophile is a hub for critical thinking and analysis pertaining to civil rights, human rights, systemic racism and sexism across politics, entertainment, and history.

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In Conversation…about Disability Justice Event | Apr. 14th @ 1PM

Flyer for “In Conversation… about Disability Justice” is on a green background, with black text at the top that reads, “The Center for ‘Race,’ Culture and Social Justice: In Conversation…at the Center for ‘Race’ Series.” Underneath, in white text, reads information about the event that is repeated in the body of this article. There is an image of a black circular sculpture on the left, and the Hofstra University logo at the bottom, which is the words “Hofstra University” in blue uppercase text.

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David Saint Vincent

David Saint Vincent

Uncut Truth on Race, Politics & Culture. I don’t have humble opinions- but I recognize they are just opinions. Constructive critique is welcome.

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