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F*** Ashli Babbitt: We Will Never Forgive

You died a traitor as an accomplice to attempted murder, and we all know Hell is calling.

Micki Witthoeft, Ashli Babbitt’s mother at the Capitol in Washington on Insurrection Day, January 6th, 2022. | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

Ashli Babbitt, Fascist, Died

Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt was unfortunately born on October 10th, 1985. This crazy bitch died on January 6th, 2021. Ashli Babbitt was a U.S. Air Force veteran who died for…




AfroSapiophile is a hub for critical thinking and analysis pertaining to civil rights, human rights, systemic racism and sexism across politics, entertainment, and history.

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Johnny Silvercloud

Johnny Silvercloud

The analytical street photographer who exists to fight against racism, sexism, and fascism. U.S. Army vet. Writer. Speaker. Twitter: @johnnysilverclo

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