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Read These Five Stories to Show Your Support of Black Americans

I Am a Man is a declaration of civil rights, often used as a personal statement and as a declaration of independence against oppression. National Civil Rights Museum

Being a Foundational Black American is like being a rape victim on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Foundational Black Americans are the rape victims and, like most victims, we want to move on with our life. We want to forget this horrible situation ever happened. But this rapist is hurting women all over the city, it's an epidemic of rape. Mayhem everywhere. Detectives Benson & Stabler want to catch the rapist so they ask us to testify. Testifying in court means we have to tell the story of our rape over and over again.

Christian Liberals and Progressives are the prosecuting attorneys and they are horrible attornies. This is the 20th time this same man has been accused of rape and each time this man was brought to court he was able to “beat the case” because of a technicality. Maybe he wasn’t mirandized (read his Miranda rights) or his rights were violated. Either way, each time he is brought to court he goes home a free man.

This time is no different. Once again, Black Americans were vulnerable in a crowded courtroom but yet again we’ve watched a known rapist, the US federal government, go home a free man. Without penalties and without consequences only to have the prosecuting attorney turn to us and say, “This is a lot of work, but what can we do to help?”


You should place this reading list over any others because, in spite of million-dollar civil rights movies and fatal police beatings recorded on camera, the average American is still surprised to learn foundational Black Americans are exterminated daily.

These quick and easy-to-read articles were selected to help you the reader transition from a negative stereotype of Black Americans to recognizing how important Black Americans are to our society. The reason people all over the world think America is cool is because of Black Americans. Let’s face the honest truth, if it wasn’t for hundreds of years of free labor, America would basically be the same as Canada.

Immigrants don't leave their homes and families because they would rather be oppressed by White America. No! They leave their homes for the promise of a “better opportunity.” What opportunities are those? Opportunities made possible by civil rights legislation Black Americans fought for and won with our lives. Civil rights provided others the right to live in nonsegregated communities, attend good schools, and freedom to prosper without hindrance. The same freedoms and rights Black Americans have been demanding for generations.

You say you’re an ally, we don't believe you. You are going to have to prove you are an ally. We do not trust you. We don’t know you but we don’t trust you. We have no reason to trust or believe you. It’s your job to convince us you are aligned with our mission and goals. But first, you need to know what our mission and goals are. These stories are meant to break down your walls, break down stereotypes about Black Americans, and replace false statements with proven facts, dates, and quotes about how we were set back on purpose.

Read these stories to help you become part of the solution for Black Americans:

  1. America Is Seeking A More Obedient Population: Our replacements think it’s a compliment being chosen.
  2. What Makes You Think You Are the Exception to White Privilege?
  3. Rich, White, and Dumb: The clunky “diversity” of And Just Like That… is making me miss Sex and the City’s blithe Caucasity.
  4. “But My Family Had Nothing To Do With Slavery”: America needs to own up to its racial sins
  5. Police Lied and More Black People Died. America, Are You Listening?: A recent study exposed a litany of dishonest practices. But, no one seems interested in police reform these days
Chelsea Stahl, NBC News

It’s been 80 years since the Holocaust yet memories of the act haven’t faded away for the Jews who survived starvation and bombardment. However, did you know this state-sponsored genocide only lasted from 1941 and 1945? But thanks to reparations Jews built Hollywood, send their children to private schools, and get Ivy League educations.

Black Americans understand their position in the world. The entire world consumes our culture. However, because the world doesn’t know Black American history the whole world thinks it’s okay to disrespect Black Americans. We are working on correcting that. If we could bring the Black family back together again then we could protect ourselves from all these rapists wandering the streets.

BONUS: How Black People Are The Life Insurance Policies of White People: Racial inequity ensures White folks stay gainfully employed as Black folks’ oppressors. It’s time we cancel their coverage.

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