“I See Dead People”

Unlike the Boy in “The Sixth Sense,” The Ones I See Aren’t Fictional

William Spivey
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7 min readJun 8, 2024


Photo by William Spivey, Taken at the Free State of George Floyd

I’ve been blogging for over eight years, beginning on my birthday, March 30, 2016. When I originally wrote this in June of 2017, I’d made 317 posts (excluding this one), 215 of which were about politics. Three of my granddaughters have worked their way into print.

I’d written about education, done a few film reviews, given my thoughts on events of social relevance, and often written about systemic injustice. I began a monthly series on “Shadow Warriors” to spotlight the good works of others who have yet to receive national recognition. Generally, something inspires a thought; it churns around in my head for a brief period until I sit at my computer and write the story.

I generally include multiple photos with my stories to give my words more impact. I often search the Internet and save the images I use to my computer before uploading them to my blog posts. For whatever reason, someone more tech-savvy than I could quickly correct. The pictures I save often become a rotating screensaver, popping up after my screen has been idle for a period.

During the day, I rarely pay attention to the pictures. I check my laptop often enough that the screensaver isn’t often activated, and when it is, I barely notice. It’s at night that I…