It's the Palestinian Liberation Struggle. Full stop.

Colonial narratives unwelcome

Nada Chehade


"A great turnout of Palestinians to buy watermelon and cold "icy" drink in order to cool themselves, due to the extreme hot weather hitting the area, in the market in Gaza Strip, on July 14, 2023" — via Shutterstock

Palestine begins and ends with Palestine — that includes our history, people, culture, and struggle. Amid a flurry of posts from allies and enemies regarding the American-backed Zionist holocaust of Palestine, I wanted to reiterate that colonial narratives are unwelcome. Our liberation struggle doesn't begin on a different continent. It started right here, at home, on a land indigenous people from the region call from the river to the sea that was invaded by barbaric European gangs.

Decolonization extends to ridding ourselves of colonizer language, refusing space to settler-PR, and forcing us to swallow Western narratives that don't apply to our region or serve as a cushion to those who have stolen our homes and murdered us in cold blood for 75 years, mainly accusations of antisemitism and advocating for Jewish struggles in the context of Palestine — reject this framing entirely.

The Nazi holocaust and Western guilt — both foreign to our continent — are not Palestine's burden to carry. Thus, when well-meaning Western allies or Zionist supporters leverage Jewish struggles with Palestinian liberation, they're forcing us to carry the weight of white supremacy and its crimes. Why are Palestinians being charged for white-on-white violence anyway?