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Would You Let A KKK Member Into Heaven?

It just might be hell for him

“Holy shit…” When a KKK member is outside the gates. | Original Author Unknown (2008)

So, I just saw this meme this morning: KKK member gets to the pearly gates just to realize that a Black angel holds the keys to the gate. The KKK member is like:

“Holy shit.”

First off, was the KKK member calling this Black angel a piece of shit? I don’t think it was meant to be like that, but my deep thinking brought me to that possible belief system.

The question is: If you had the choice to let him into Heaven would you?

I would let his ass in, then he would see this diverse Heaven, filled with Black folks and such. So ask yourself: “Would this be Heaven for the KKK member or Hell?” Let the KKK dude in, and when he says he’d rather go to hell with all the other white boys, you say “nope, this IS your hell!”


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