Poem: The Whip, The Noose, The Badge

White Violence Against Black Bodies: 1619–2021

L.A. Justice


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The Whip

Threats of violence against African villages

Black bodies sold to European “explorers”

Lives and livelihood disrupted by their evil racism and greed

Claims of Manifest Destiny

False notions of white superiority

Human trafficking along the Middle Passage

The Triangular Trade becoming a Black hole of death

Slave ships sailing along the ocean blue

Packed with people beaten, raped, degraded, and dehumanized

Humanity swiftly fading

Becoming pieces of property to be sold and traded

To those who stole this land and exploited our labor

The crack of the whip

The shackling of feet

The annihilation of souls

Legally sanctioned, maintained, and perpetuated

By the system that governs this country

While slave patrols enforce these unjust laws

20–30 Africans became almost 4,000,000 enslaved chattel



L.A. Justice

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