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What Exactly is a Conservative?

Honest Question: What does it mean to be Conservative, if the principles of conservatism are not universally observed?

“I’m a conservative, ask me anything.” I asked him a few things. I didn’t ask him everything in this article that follows, however. He was a nice, decent guy. Looking at how radicalized conservatives are in America now, I feel bad for him. Unless he supports attacking the Capitol. If he radicalized since I took this photo, fuck him. | 4 Jan 2020 | Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

Early February this year (2022) I wrote an article on how Donald Trump is the worst U.S. president in American history. A lot of discussions ensued in the comments section. One guy named “Brent” showed up in the…




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Johnny Silvercloud

Johnny Silvercloud

The analytical street photographer who exists to fight against racism, sexism, and fascism. U.S. Army vet. Writer. Speaker. Twitter: @johnnysilverclo

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