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You Really Don’t Care About Veterans.

If you voted for Trump and are willing to fight for him, you hate everything we stand for.

A lone Soldier of the U.S. Army merely just waiting, sitting playing on his cellphone in Washington, D.C. Military personnel were “deployed”, once again as political pawns in a fight against civil rights and social justice. | 20 Jun 2020 | Photography Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

A Very Different Feeling for a Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day — November 11, 2020 — has passed. With September 2020 just passing, I’ve been out of the Army for a full year. With twenty years of…




AfroSapiophile is a hub for critical thinking and analysis pertaining to civil rights, human rights, systemic racism and sexism across politics, entertainment, and history.

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Johnny Silvercloud

Johnny Silvercloud

The analytical street photographer who exists to fight against racism, sexism, and fascism. U.S. Army vet. Writer. Speaker. Twitter: @johnnysilverclo

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