Week 00076–00081: Strategic Thinking, Prep for Module 8, and Laura Harris joins the team

Sept 10th — 21 Oct 2018

This is a light note that covers many weeks. It was a time when we got a bit too busy to write things down. So much happened during this period. We won’t do it justice, but here are some highlights to get us back up to date:

  • Laura Harris is working with us on some strategic projects! Laura has a wealth of experience in social enterprise, social impact, social leadership, and the arts.
  • Carla and the team put a lot of thought and energy into preparing for Module 8, the final module of the inaugural program.
  • Chloe led the development of a Welcome Pack for the incoming second cohort of Fellows.
  • We spent time with our Learning Partner Anne Herbert developing milestones and metrics.
  • Anne met with almost all the inaugural Fellows for one-on-one conversations to capture their thoughts and feedback on the program.
  • We reviewed our strategic documents and started developing our Program Charter.
  • We continued developing the Program for 2019.
  • We continued developing the Social Impact Framework for 2019.
  • We moved to full implementation of our Tech Stack including NationBuilder.
  • Jason and Carla met with each of the incoming C19 Fellows.
  • Jason also met with Stephen Cornell from the Native Nations Institute, Senator Patrick Dodson (along with Carla) and attended a University of Melbourne Teaching and Learning Indigenous Knowledges Community in Practice meeting.
  • We had a great initial meeting with our friends at the Indigenous Settler Relations Collaboration — we look forward to working with Dr Sana Nakata and Associate Professor Sarah Maddison.
  • Inala went along to the Victorian Treaty Commission’s Treaty Forum, spoke to students at Dandenong High School, and connected with many of our collaborators.
  • Pam and Inala both attended the Murray Football League Grand Final hosted by Rumbalara in Shepparton, the launch of Indigenous Business Month hosted by Murra & Melbourne Business School, and University of Melbourne Advancement — Insight Into Philanthropy workshop.

Some books we’ve been reading:

That’s all for this quick up date 😁 — Carla, Chloe, Inala, Jason, Laura, Mickey, Pam and Sarah (The AFSE Team). Get involved and join our network by becoming a Fellow or a Collaborator. Connect with us on Twitter at @AFSocialEquity and let’s start a conversation.