Choose the better thought

I told a friend a story. This story is not particularly a favorite. It is one of those that make you want to cry just by the thought of reliving it. And believe me, every time I tell it, I relive it. The same story that makes my heart beat fast, and in red scary throbs. The story that turns up my internal temperature so high it shows. The one that leaves a sting and a deathly bitter after- taste like that of cheap whiskey.

I told that story to a friend. I decided, you know what, I’m going to spin it. Not lie. Just tell it different; I simply changed the way the story normally runs in my head. In that moment, something magical happened. Apart from feeling like a bad ass version of mother Teresa (okay fine, I kinda over stated my virtues in the story; a little self indulgence?) I felt good. For the first time in a long long time, it didn’t make my heart hurt. Same old story but I. Felt. Good.

Something about changing the narrative in my head forced everything right back into perspective.

Did I just stumble upon the key to everything good in the world?

Our thoughts are only as accurate as the amount of trust we put on our own judgement.

Personally I know I need to turn it down a dial.

Choose the better thought. Always. Especially when it feels the hardest.

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