You can’t have it all today and that’s okay.

An open letter to the twenty- something- year- old who wakes up every morning feeling like they need a break from life.

Dear darling you,

You are not alone.

You can’t have it all today. And that’s okay. Life is simple, enjoy the journey; you will enjoy the destination even more. Isn’t that the point?

Make it your intention to relax and make the most of the journey that is life. Intend to celebrate the small wins. To love. Laugh. And when you need to, give yourself permission to just be.

Everyday. You worry about the job you don’t have. The money you don’t have. The boyfriend/husband that still doesn’t exist. The love that is missing. The friends you haven’t made. The children you haven’t had. The future you haven’t lived and the world you haven’t traveled. The hair you can’t control?

And all that this does is keep you in a cycle of dissatisfaction, that surely could not be the point of living? Feeling stuck and in a constant rut day in day out? Intend to be present and be grateful for the things you do have. A family. You. Most importantly be grateful for yourself. Make a list. Things will eventually work out as they should, I promise.

Love and more love 💗 you’re my hero.


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