Where we all begin, and where we go from here

I'm young. . .

you’re young, its a question of perspective. I’m a designer and a techie, but maybe you are too? Maybe we all don't get payed to identify as these types of people but everyone is a creator. A master of something (or nothing), Its what makes us human. And in the end don't we all feel like we’ve woken up in today's world without a clue on exactly how we ended up where exactly we are (in the moment) at all.

BART, San Francisco CA

So where do we start, and truly is there every really a beginning? It seems as though we end up in the middle of our adventures without ever having remembered or recognized where we started the journey. Like a dream we arrive in the middle of a new world pondering our origins without definitive memory.

So why does this matter?

Because this is where we learn to be different, to break out and tell a story (maybe more) and learn to see the moments that flicker past us so often disguised in the ambiguity of conventionality. This is where we break the mold, reach out into the world without intention of taking something but rather giving or experiencing something new.

Because when we wake up in a dream we are scared and revert to the past we know and this is where we truly grow old, where we lose our dreams.

Calvin and Hobbes (Bill Watterson)

So for the sake of creativity and critical thinking lets all be young, young to new ideas, to new technologies, to ever expanding ideas and concepts of culture and human nature. Lets continue learning, continue educating, and continue creating for the greater good and the joy of breaking down the walls being built around us purely through insight and changing perspective.

(maybe one cartoon at a time)


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