“March” by Hannah Werdmuller

“March” by Hannah Werdmuller

Acrylic paint on paper, Adobe Photoshop

Please download and print this image to publicize an inauguration day protest march in your area. To download, select the image and then right click or ctrl+click the image and select “Save Image As …”

I must protest, it’s not even a choice. I cannot sit home while racism, sexual assault, Islamophobia, and transmisogyny are legitimized by the incoming administration. I am marching for racial justice, and improved protections for people of color against discrimination in hiring, education, housing, healthcare, and law enforcement. I am marching against the vilification and persecution of Muslims and Hispanic immigrants. I am marching in support of women, who must be able to live without harassment and assault as an everyday backdrop to their lives. I am marching for the rights of transgender people, especially women, who are so often refused dignity, autonomy, and security. I am marching for my community, for people that I admire and love, whose lives are threatened by the bigotry of the incoming administration.

Santa Rosa, CA — Friday January 20th, 3pm at SRJC Quad
Oakland, CA — Saturday January 21st, 10am at 9th & Madison St

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