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Pitching ideas to potential mentors.

These are the pitches of the Emerging journalism Lab students, following on from their pitch to potential mentors last week in a team.

  1. Ella
    Period Poverty
    Wants to create a product that is also environmentally friendly

2. Michael

Gay Icons
Wants to see more visibility of Gay icons through a campaign

3. William

VR Education
Wants to build a VR film that helps eliminate racism and prejudice in schools.

4. William
Young Alcoholics
Wants to create awareness of young people and alcohol abuse

5. Yingdi

Travel App
Wants to build an App similar to one in China that would help her and others travel around Wales etc.

6. Mafe

Data Journalism
Mobile app to display data visualisation and more.


Pretend for a second that you are a journalist. You are now out in the street with nothing but your phone on you when a breaking news situation happens. If you needed to write a story, you would simple open a text editing application and share that with your editor. Quick and simple.

Now, imagine that you needed to do the same but by building a simple chart. The scenario is completely different.

I’ve identified three problems within the data visualization industry:

1. The lack of a mobile application for data visualization design

2. The lack of an application or software that allows for simultaneous editing of a data visualization

3. A lack of data literacy among the general public, but also in newsrooms

For these problems I propose three solutions:

The first one is the creation of an application that allows users to design simple data visualization from their mobile phones. It would support small datasets and only offer the most basic visualization types.

The second solution is a software that allows for simultaneous collaboration between team members while designing a visualization. Similar to collaborative documents on the Google Workspace, users would be able to create shared spaces where they see and edit projects simultaneously.

Lastly, the problem many people stepping into the data visualization world face is where to begin and how to do it. My third idea consists of an application that accepts user input, like a database or a spreadsheet, and suggests different visualizations depending on the existing data types. The app would also list a series of resources for the user to build the selected visualization type with.

7. Amogh

Idea around Blood Transfusion

8. Zhouxing

For safety across campus



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