#3 — Building an HTML 5 game and the process.

After setting out to build a very basic html5 game, I was struck by how surprisingly difficult it is to stay simple and build a very simple game.

I was distracted several times by the thought of making something better when I had built nothing.

Performing the steps I laid out in my previous post was the easy part. What was difficult was figuring out what to type, what code to write, how to make the black background, how to make the white object move as I clicked on parts of the map and how to keep the “make it better thought out of my head”. I googled, read stackoverflow, some blogs, tutorials and watched youtube videos. For several hours I had written nothing close to working and I was really angry and frustrated but that didn’t stop me, I kept grinding and trying everything I knew until finally I was able to start making visible progress.

The final code is very messy. Here is source and the game. If you want to make it better, be my guest.

In game photo