A Sure Sign

Beth Stormont
Nov 8 · 2 min read

. . . a sign of completion or closure

I have made a discovery recently . . . a most important one!

I’ve discovered that if I’ve been doing something that has felt wonderful . . .
absolutely exciting, joyful and inspiring. . . and deeply meaningful

and then I suddenly experience the exact opposite of all those great feelings for seemingly no apparent reason,

it’s a sure sign that this experience is very shortly coming to a close
. . . that it’s in the process of completion.

Likewise, there have been times that I’ve experienced much the same feelings from a totally new experience —

and while waiting for it to hopefully become somewhat permanent,
an experience similar to this new one appeared once again.

However, this second time sadly revealed the same reversal features
as with the ‘completion’ experience . . . a response of ‘not meant to be’.

Since a fully-manifested reality never actually occurred here, it would be considered as ‘the door closing on further experiencing’ . . . or closure.

In both cases I’ve learned not to fight the feelings
. . . nor to try to change them

but to recognize that this sign of reversal of something very dear to me
— (though at the time I may not understand nor like it) —

is a sign that needs to be respected, acknowledged, fully honored
. . . and even given gratitude

for it is a kind way of preparing me for any possible disappointments
from too high expectations of future desired experiences.

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a Few Words

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Beth Stormont

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Philosophic observer and poet of life experiences; mystic; college professor and professional Classical musician; lover of deep simplicity.

a Few Words

A few words can change lives.

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