If they did it why shouldn’t I?

Daniel Junior
Sep 28, 2019 · 3 min read

The world we live in is not a blank sheet. Many things have been learned but many of them have been forgotten. Remind them and use when appropriate. Copy the right action … do an actioncopy.

That old story of learning from mistakes … but this is exponentially valuable when using mistakes from others cause you do not waste time trying. Did you imagine how much you would gain learning simple things everyday? 365 learning days a year! CHURCHILL once lost his reasoning during his speech in the parliament. Under bad comments he returned to his place to never speak again without a small little paper sheet to use against any lapses. This is a kind of learning [from others]. If Churchill did it [using paper sheet], why shouldn’t I?

Avid for knowledge … this should be the expected behavior from the human essence. Although some achieve knowledge by a mandatory method in the school, there are others that run outside in searching for knowledge and they are who will make the difference in front of you. For ARISTOTLE, knowledge consists not in the contemplation of forms, but to dirty the hands, to examine, to dissect and to poke the things getting to know its causes. If Aristotle did it, why shouldn’t I?

Victory without work … It is difficult to find a “rested” marathon winner at the end of the run. The sweat from constant physical effort is the exhalation of its persistence. “Do not stop” mean sweating, tiring and exhausting without think to rest. There is no victory without fatigue, there is no winner without sweat and there is no prize for those who only rest. BISMARK, in his titanic struggle to unify the Germany, said, “Neither Prussia nor Germany can remain as they are, and for them to be what they should be, I will go to the end”. And he went! If Bismark did it, why shouldn’t I?

Decide … If you are in a situation where it is necessary to make a decision, it is because the life is providing a choice. Only the passage of time will give you the consent of the success, or not, of your decision. And you will be the responsible for the course of your life that will be dictated through your decisions. For NIETZCHE there is problem of those waiting to decide. For him, it takes blows of luck so that a superior man, in the which sleeps the solution of a contrariety. There are men who do not even know that they wait; others do not even know what to expect; and some act very late and are surprised that they have no more the necessary spirit. Nietzsche further states that genius may not be rare, but they are five hundred hands that you need to appropriate the right moment. If Nietzsche did it, why shouldn’t I?

Smile and take an actioncopy!

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a Few Words

A few words can change lives.

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