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Be Someone’s Safe Place

you’ll never know how much of a difference you’ll make in their lives

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My grandmother was always my safe place. She was the one I went to when things were going wrong, when I needed to talk things out and when I needed advice and support. She gave wisdom with grace and applied gentleness to everything she did.

We get so busy in today’s day and age. We forget about others in a race that we run for our own benefit. There are countless times in my own life where I chose work over relationships. Where I’ve sacrificed the happiness of others where I could have been a benefit to them. I’ve hurt others by my words and actions. I think that’s universal in a world where we’ve been conditioned to think mainly of number one.

However, what if we opened ourselves just a little bit to those around us? To let others know that we’re willing to open our schedules if they need to speak to someone? To give up that hour of self-focused activity to help around the house?

Some of the greatest moments can happen from: helping someone move, taking ten minutes to let someone vent to you, to help with a project that someone else needs help with.

By opening our hearts to someone, they know that we care, that we are there if they need us. This could be someone who is lonely, someone who needs help or someone who feels rejected by others. This difference could make a true difference.

By being willing to be that safe space, we give without being stingy and we benefit in turn. What we give comes back to us. By being willing to be that safe space, we earn true friendships and allow for more happiness in our own lives.

Seems like a willing trade to me.




A few words can change lives.

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