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Equality is All of Our Responsibility

What is YOUR contribution to the oft-quoted hardly-practised Equality?

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Whether we notice it or not, whether we like it or not, all of us are constantly pigeonholing each other into numerous boxes. We are always judging others. Though, we wouldn’t want to be judged by others, we are involved in it.

We may not be vocal about it, but are observing and mentally noting it on a real-time basis. “Isn’t he a bit weirdly dressed?” “Is he crazy?” “Oh! She’s seeing a girl!” All the time. Apart from criticising others about it, we might rather observe the behaviour in ourselves, and try to work on it.

I get it. We do need to judge others sometimes. We need to make important decisions in our lives which require basic analysis of the other person, like, knowing if a person is trustworthy before opening up to him, or for going on a date or marrying someone or for a business deal.

But, how about only bothering ourselves about stuff that affects us directly. Much less worry?

Also, it is important to be civil and ensure that the judger does not hurt the judged’s feelings by making comments directly on their faces. Our rude remarks are neither gonna help others nor gratify ourselves.

The world can do with a little less of hatred. All are equal. There is no higher class of people irrespective of our religion, sex, profession, wealth, geography, sexual orientation, etc. We’ve heard this statement a million times but it’s time we actually internalised it.

Photo by Chichi Onyekanne on Unsplash

Equality is our birthright. Freedom is by default everyone’s. Right so, only in a Utopian world. It is so unfortunate that we have to fight and die for what we ought to live by in the normal state of things. But, you and me, can change that, by doing our bit in ridding the world of the vice of meaningless hatred. And such a world cannot be built in a single day. So, start now, start slow, and believe in it.

We can do it, only together.

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