Echoes of Farewell

A phone call with Hannah.

Caleb Mosby
Oct 17 · 2 min read
Photo from Unsplash by Jesse Bowser

10 minutes on the phone, it’s tears calling

I can feel it drip and kiss her lips

She’s out of words but she still speaks

The pain is deep, it is at its peak

It is dimensional the way I dissect her feelings with supreme understanding

Just because it’s nostalgic, I mean

people come, people go

I have been there, I have let it go

I feel the best to help her grow

Through her past pests

I tell her — Imagine your head rest on my shoulder

Breathe then think about tomorrow

She whispers.

“It’s just.. I.. I can’t take this pain anymore”

Silence ensues for a second

I feel the quivering pain in her voice

Seeking an opportunity to walk in her mind,

I say

Tell me some of your favourite memories

For every tear, I will always be here

You won’t hurt forever my dear

Free the dead wish them well,

Let there be echoes of farewell

Coldness transcends to warmth

As I hear her sniffle as if the the last tear dropped

Then with an exhale I perceive she puts herself together, muting every thought of revenge,

She utters

“tomorrow is tomorrow, today ends my sorrow, I’m a Queen and my crown is not borrowed”

This is my Echo of Farewell.

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