Talking to some family members, merely being polite to others

In my family right now, like maybe in yours, there are some weird ass family dynamics going on.

Why?, you ask.

Well, in my case, it’s all because of that little sore spot: politics.

The Sane, Reasoning Side

I’m in what I like to think of as the sane, reasoning side of things. Politics these days are crazy making.

Here in the U.S., we have an administration that seems to be against all that is good and right.

And I hate it.

I can’t be quiet about it either. A few of my family members agree with me and are as vocal as I am. Of course, I talk to them about what’s happening and what lunacy it is and when will it end.

That leads to my next point.

The Weird, Unreasonable Side

On the flip side, there are several other family members who seem to think our current administration is wonderful. I don’t understand this reasoning in any way, shape, or form.

I comment on posts they leave on social media. Sometimes their like-minded friends stand up for them and their, what I see as asinine, ideas. Sometimes no one stands up for them and when I and others speak our minds, they end up deleting the post.

I like to think they are having a moment of clarity. I honestly have no idea why this happens. But I’m always glad to see the posts gone.

The Fallout

Because of our extreme difference in views, I’ve found that I just don’t converse like I did before with several family members. This is sad. But in the back of my mind, I seriously am baffled why they can follow a president and others like him who are harming our country, not helping.

I’m not one to gloss over things. When I do speak with these family members, I am more formal, not as forthcoming, and guarded. It’s like I can’t trust them if they have such views.

It’s not a good feeling. It’s sad as sad can be. What happened? When did they start thinking this way? Because I know these people to be good, honest, hard-working people who have a heart. Or at least they used to.

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a Few Words

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a Few Words

A few words can change lives.

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