How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Writing

Christopher OLDCORN
Aug 18 · 3 min read

Twitter can be the most beneficial social media platform for writers. It provides short messages to promote your content and interact with possible followers.


Your bio needs to be concise. You need to include any relevant information about your expertise by using keywords. For example, you are a journalist use #journalist.

Follow Accounts

If you are starting out on Twitter, you need to do a deep dive to discover new contacts. Find authors, bloggers, reviewers, YouTubers, writers, and podcasters to follow and interact with.

Even if you have been on Twitter for a long time, it is good to go back and find new people to follow. They will help you keep on top of what’s happening and trends to watch for.

I organize the people I follow by categories using Twitter’s list function.

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Gain Followers

To gain followers, you need to join conversations and interact with people. Post interesting stories, recommendations, and book reviews for your prospective audience. Retweet a relevant tweet with comments of your own.

Posting Habits

Tweet once or twice a day something interesting that could start a conversation. Don’t post boring details of your life, such as what you ate for breakfast. No one cares unless you are a chef.

You want informative stories with anything that adds value. If you are a chef, tweet out a picture of your breakfast with a link to the recipe. Not a chef? Find something else other than food!

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Get creative with your tweets. Something funny to your audience could help to get retweeted, which is what you want to happen.

I use a social media program that tracks my tweets. My personal Twitter impressions are 1.8 million per month. But other people retweeting my tweets are 8 million impressions per month. I get almost 10 million tweet impressions per month. I’m only responsible for about 20% of the tweets. The other 80% are from people retweeting my tweets!

Consider how many more eyeballs see my content every month! People retweeting me are exposing my content to new people and they are doing the work for me.


Use hashtags to put yourself into the larger conversation. It exposes you to new people who might become followers. Hashtags help your followers organize your tweets into themes.

Final Thoughts

When used correctly and consistently. Twitter expands your reach to gain new followers. I hope this story gives you the foundation for Twitter success.

Be Patient and Tweet

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Christopher Oldcorn is a writer and journalist. He holds a BA in Psychology from Laurentian University, and a post-grad in Research Analysis from Georgian College. Christopher studied at The Centre for Investigative Journalism (Goldsmiths, University of London). Recognized as a Top Writer in Government, Politics, Books, Climate Change, Productivity, Creativity, & Writing.

You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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