Human ‘Be’ing v/s human ‘Do’ing

3 Mantras to do less and be more

Dipanshu Rawal
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2 min readAug 12, 2020


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The title is enlightening, isn’t it?

I heard this statement in one of Ryan Holiday’s interviews (probably) and it has stuck with me since then.

I know it might sound anti-Gary vee, but hold on for a moment, and think about it.

We are conditioned to work 15 hours a day and hustle throughout our life.

Most of my coaching clients face this issue, that we need to do something, learn something, or maybe pretend to do something to bring value to others.

In reality, you are good as you are.

You are a human ‘be’ing. You are here to be.

Here are my 3 favourite ways to practice this philosophy in real life.

Mantra 1: Self-Care Is My Topmost Priority

If I am not taking care of myself personally and professionally, I can’t take care of anyone else.

This could mean taking regular breaks, walking sessions, etc.

This could also mean leaving behind some toxic quote-unquote friends.

Mantra 2: Breathing Is the Only Constant in Our Lives

You breathe differently when you are excited v/s when you are sad.

Your breathing patterns change as per your emotions.

And guess what? It’s the only activity we truly control since we are born till we die.

So, breathe in. Breathe out. Smile. Let it go.

Mantra 3: Pause and Reflect

Take a step back. Look around.

Where do you spend most of your time? What emotion have you been ignoring lately? Are you happy and content in life?

Pause and reflect. It’s rare.

Ask yourself

Am I too involved in doing that I am forgetting to be?



Dipanshu Rawal
a Few Words

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