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I am still a writer…

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I stare at the sky or the moon, for words to inspire me and I say to myself, that is how poems are written. That is how poets or writers are made. Is that true I wonder? I get ideas and inspiration as I read books or read pieces on Medium. There are so much talent and great writers everywhere. We need to see them, recognise them, and then ourselves.

I know, I understand writing can be hard to focus on when a lot is going on in the backdrop me call — Life! For a while, writing can take a backseat. That doesn’t stop you from being a writer. You still write you write in your notebook, the feelings, the thoughts that arise & emotions that erupt. But, no one to read. Even then you are a writer. Writing for self or the world, you are still a writer.

What matters is the intention. The desire to express. The desire to express deeply. The desire to understand the world through words & to relive moments that have gone by. Writing for me is a therapy that heals & uncovers truth as I write with no pause, no interruptions, no distractions of limits. As if I were a bird, a pen & paper were open skies for me to fly. The words I write miraculously transfer my feelings onto the page building yet another stronger bond and connection with words I write or the books I read.

Thoughts and feelings come uninvited and words come to rescue, urging me to write, coercing me to pick up the pen and motivating me to go all in. You are a writer. You were a writer & you’ll continue to be even when you don't make it to any — Best Seller Lists!

You are a writer even when no words come to you, even when no inspiration strikes. Let it be, let it go. You are a creator, you are worthy of downtime, you are a human after all juggling things not everyone knows or understands. Trust yourself, this too shall pass and a day will be back again when you’ll pick up the damn pen and write inspiring pieces and poems that move people. I am a writer & I will always be!

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