Life Gets Better When You Start To Think of It As a Spectrum

Ditya Mahandaru
Oct 2 · 2 min read

Have you ever made a mistake and instantly think of yourself “how dumber can I become?”

Have you ever felt that your life is a complete failure, looking at where you're at now compared to your peers?

Have you ever felt that you’ve failed life because you couldn't feel any progress in life?

We constantly make mistakes in our life, and this could lead to a messy feeling that will bring ourselves down into a dark valley of hopelessness.

Indeed, our society has unreasonably put the world into a sort of discrete category, whereas one’s life, accomplishments, or achievements can only be put into two categories: good or bad, rich or poor, dumb or smart, among others.

This discrete categorization dismissed one very crucial part of human beings, something that makes it a successful species: progress.

When one can only fall into two categories, e.g. dumb or smart, they will fail to tell the progress they’ve made between two different situations up until an imaginary hurdle, where someone has started to be recognized as smart, is achieved.

A “dumb” remark on someone who made mistakes for the second time, though they’ve already progressed even at the tiniest pace, due to the fact that they still make “mistakes” that other people would categorize him as dumb, will dismiss the progress the person has already made.

The same could be applied to our own self-judgment. Don’t always think badly of yourself because you made the mistakes, see all the progress that you’ve made, even the tiniest of it! That’s how you should look at yourself.

Therefore, we should start seeing the world as a continuous spectrum, where the journey from dumb to smart, failure to success, takes on multiple levels that counts as progress.

When we think this way, we will start seeing the growth, recognizing it, and steady our pace towards the true greatness we all strive to achieve.

a Few Words

A few words can change lives.

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