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Dana Sanford
Nov 4 · 2 min read

Sometimes life is like roaring down the road on the back of a once-new chopper. Throttle wide open on asphalt byways and wind in my face. Stopping only for a few guilty ‘Zen moments’.

The rattle-and-jam on the body, the dirt embedded deep into the body... It’s the RUSH!… and danger. Living on the edge of something intangible.

It’s been a hard, fun, crazy ride so far. The chopper has come to a broken stop in the middle of a dessert and with the sand-wall of a haboob bearing down. “No rest for the wicked (or weird)” they say.

And so, it’s time to learn to embrace this storm in the now. Feel its’ pains, the twisting agonies, learn to love this dimension of life.


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A note:

“(CNN)The prevalence of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, has continued to climb significantly among adults in the United States within the past decade, a new study suggests.”

It is good that the Diagnosis is getting better, but the “prevalence” is no different.

October was ADHD Awareness Month

Dana Sanford

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Dana Sanford

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Poet. Mental Health Advocate. Philosopher. Life Writer. A sense of Humor. 60 years ago I rode the winds at the top of a tall cottonwood. Excentric, eclectic…

a Few Words

A few words can change lives.

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