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Meditation Isn’t A Path to Success

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Meditation has been studied and cited widely by researchers as an effective relief for the stresses of modern living. The rising popularity of meditation is an encouraging trend, as mental and physical wellbeing is increasingly discussed.

However, people are often misguided into thinking of meditation as a cure to all our problems, and a vehicle to achieving individual success. Such narratives are highly visible across mainstream media, youtube channels, and business publications in particular. These representations perpetuate unhealthy expectations and impose highly self-centred values on the very thing that is defined by openness, acceptance and non-judgement.

Meditation Is Not A Cure

Problems beyond our control exist regardless of whether we practise meditation. It would be a false expectation to think that controversies, arguments and wrong-doings magically disappear through meditative practises. The solution to our problems ultimately remain with how we think and act.

What meditation teaches us is a way of thinking. Building awareness and being non-judgemental to what we observe in our minds, presents us with a mental state of clarity that assists us assess and respond to problems and situations that arise.

We remain our own cure.

Meditation Is Not About Success

The motives for practising meditation become questionable when it is dominated by a desire to maintain or advance the self-centered and individualistic sense of self. The idea of success is in and of itself one of many other concepts from a world of appearance which meditation seeks to help us let go.

To associate individual success with meditation sets the expectation that success will be achieved. It assumes that we are not yet successful and that success is a worthy goal in life. Not only does it deny us the opportunity to challenge such norms, it forcefully imposes what people say about life onto a practise that remains open and accepting to all forms of existence.

Photo by Daan Stevens on Unsplash

Reconnect With What Matters

Meditation offers a path to happiness, not through spoon feeding us with solutions to our problems or by preparing us for successful careers, but by offering clarity and insight towards the impermant nature of the self and the possibilities that lie with it. It is also about reconnecting with the presence, characterised by an interconnectedness and one-ness of our existence. Meditation may well be the path to success, not in an individualistic sense, but as a collective in rediscovering the very nature of universal existence.

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