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Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

You’re happy watching Pogo.
While ya mom tripped on ya Lego

You’re one child, very wild.
But need ya mom, very mild.

You get to read your fav book.
And ya mom will need to cook.

You can act like you lost ya mind.
Still, ya mom got to be kind.

When you mess with all that paint.
Mommy tries to be one saint.

She tells you to bathe, get all clean.
Knowing you’ll whine, and call her mean.

But know your mom’s worst fears?
It’s when you’re crazy and burst into tears.

Only she can walk many miles.
Just to see you flash those smiles!

When you grow up just remember.
You’ll not find, a place any tender.

The world has a problem common.
Forgets that mom too is human.

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