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Jul 17 · 3 min read

My winning weeks have been those in which I started prepared. House spotlessly clean so the muse can come in, shoes and clothes arranged in the closet, done dishes, wiped shoes and window opens and planned outfits for the whole week.

I spent less time getting ready and prepared, had less mental overload due to small decisions and decision making and my mind was less cluttered.

It’s not every week that I get to do this as some weeks are more tiring than others but having a sense of organization makes you more productive.

Bomb outfit

Beat the Monday blues with a bomb outfit. A great outfit gives you more consider regardless of how the day has started or the week. You did one thing well, and that’s looking great. Now let’s focus on how to feel on the inside, how we look on the inside.

We want you to dress for yourself, and know it’s not shallow to put effort into how you look. I’m telling you that you don’t have to choose between smart and sexy. You can have both. You are both. ~ Sophia Amoruso, GirlBoss

Weekly Goals / Monday Goals

Having a clear goal on what you want to achieve on the first day of the week sets the tone for the rest of the week. You don’t want to spend time jumping between tasks with zero focus.

Goals can be as simple as 3 blog posts and 10 Pinterest posts or as complex as meetings and launching a product. They send the message that you’re in control of your week, time and Monday.

Prepare Your Lunch

Pack your lunch on Sunday. It saves you time Monday morning and money, Monday Afternoon.

Clean Your House

You don’t have to turn it upside down if you can’t. Just the basic arrangement, vacuuming and folding of clothes.

How else do you prepare for the week?

Sarah Nderi is an author, data analyst, fashion enthusiast, a lover of Korean drama and comedy. She received her BSc Economics and Statistics at Egerton University and lives in Nairobi, Kenya. You can find her work at MumsVillage and at her site, NderiSarah. Support her in putting her brother through school here.

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a Few Words

A few words can change lives.

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