A Letter to My Belly Pooch

Gwenna Laithland
Aug 19 · 2 min read

You and I have had our days.
I’ve shoved you into jeans,
You rebelled out the top.
One too many muffins for my taste.

And I like muffins:
Blueberry, though.

I know I earned you.
Sitting at desks too long,
Excusing myself from walks,
Indulging in a few muffins instead.

I really like muffins.
Banana is nice too.

We’ve hated each other often.
And we need to talk about sounds
You make when I try to run.
You don’t need to say anything.

Please don’t clap either.
Please shut up.

But you did do a thing worth something.
You bore the brunt of two pregnancies.
Three babies made you their home.
That’s not nothing, I suppose.

So, fine, thank you.

I’ve learned to love you.
Don’t get excited though.
I will still widdle you down to nothing,
As long as the motivation holds.

Muffins are tasty, useful.
Not terribly sexy though.

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Gwenna Laithland is an independent journalist, humorist, and freelance writer in Oklahoma. She writes contemporary sci-fi and is working on her debut novel, Beyond the Sky.

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Gwenna Laithland

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