Never Leave Your Readers Without Something Precious

Why others lift you to success in life and career.

Joshua Idegbere
Jan 13 · 3 min read
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Life is a journey. You have some people ahead of you, some at the same level and others behind you. The joy of the journey is in having others saying, " I don't know how I would have known that if our path hadn't crossed!".

I have had some individuals that were so instrumental to my life both as an individual and as a writer.

By the time I just get to know a little about Medium, I came across some individuals that I will never forget: Tom Kuegler and Anthony Moore. Wherever I'm now, it wouldn't have been so easy if not for them.
I consider myself so lucky that I found them during those early days.

Each of their articles contains nuggets that can take the reader further in their personal journey. And it doesn't matter how much or how long it took them to discover those secrets.

See, the truth is, they can hoard those secrets and teach them to those who can afford to pay for their online courses. But they took the risk to share them in some of their stories on Medium.

Today, they are among the few writers that make a living from the earnings of their "generosity."

At a time, Anthony Moore made some of his stories free for readers yet to become medium members.

Photo by Tong Nguyen van on Unsplash

Generosity may seem foolish and unwise, but the result proves to be one of the wisest choices a man can make .

Those secrets of life and crafts were precious, but these writers were generous enough to share it with readers on Medium.

If there's a secret to where they are today, a large portion is that they have a heart for others. They will go out of their way to help young writers who are struggling to make a dime for their efforts or confused about some key realities of life.

People have gotten to trust them largely because of their generosity; they never let their readers go without sharing something precious with them.

It's that generosity that's earned them the trust they have with people and that trust has earned them recommendations and promotions in this great community of writers and beyond.

And the more they share what they learn, the more they discover. And the cycle continues.

That's why for me, any content from these individuals Tom and Anthony is worth your time. You won't read an article without something precious to take home.

So, build that reputation. Never let your reader go without something precious that will help them as a writer and as a human being.

Never let your reader go without something precious — your success in life depends on the support of people.

I conclude with the words of advice by David J. Schwartz:

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a Few Words

A few words can change lives.

Joshua Idegbere

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A Young Guy, 26. Medical Doctor {in training}. Writes for The Startup, Publishous, the Ascent, Live Your Life on Purpose, a Few Words.

a Few Words

A few words can change lives.

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