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Never Looking Back

A Poem in Honor of A Bright Future.

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

(Never) Looking Back...

Stranded in a town brimming with memories

Of a time I had once wanted to leave

I didn’t know that time was but a moment

Had I, I would have not shut my eye

Would have not cried myself to sleep

Because nothing was the way I wished it to be

Would have not slept in, knowingly.

Foolishly. Purposely costing myself a day

With those, I’ve yet to repay


What could I possibly repay?

When the beginning has no deadline

When faith falters and withers away,

With the storm, we call a bad day

What could I possibly repay?

When the future is yet to be made

When the present is nothing but promises

When not kept, all seems to be in vain

What could I possibly repay?

When love is a well, not a jar

When kindness is the lesson of it all

What could I possibly repay?


Stranded in a town whose night is glacial

I had once loved the snow

I would feel a hand on my forehead

Just in case, the snow wasn’t warm to me

Had I known, I wouldn't have faked sleep

I would have said “thank you”

That magic word that is capable to heal


Yet, the future has to be bright

Otherwise, what is the point?

Truth is, we need it to be bright,

Because you and I have things to say


Dear one, the present will disappoint

That is just how it is, it is not ideal,

But that is not the point

When we can imagine a future

Where compassion is louder than pressure,

When we can create a future

Where “I love you” is as true as hard weather


In other words, the future is what we have

Wise are those who embrace it to plan

To be wiser than they are today

And I cheer for us who hold onto it

If ‘now’ doesn’t make us happy anyway

-Imane Ben


A heartfelt thank you to each one of you who has made the time to read and leave a comment on Poetry for Comfort. It is a busy time of the year for all of us and receiving your interaction with that piece just made my week easier and it made me want to keep creating more poetry for us amidst these stressful times.

Wishing us a week filled with kindness and love!




A few words can change lives.

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