Passing the Torch and Letting Go

I saw my life as a relay with the future and the past. Meditation thoughts.

Kari Watterson
Jul 29 · 2 min read
Photo by Zach Lucero on Unsplash

I’m in position on the path.

Annoyed. Anxious. Waiting.

I hop in place, shake out my arms

My patience quickly fading.

Frequently I glance behind me

Wondering when she’ll appear.

It’s been a long time coming

But the moment’s finally here.

I spot her lone on the horizon,

Her broken, stumbling gait.

Still she’s steadily limping toward me,

Torch held high and still ablaze.

Every trial and tribulation she carried

In a rucksack on her back.

I wonder how she made it through

Carrying the weight of all her past.

I watch her keep on moving,

Wondering if she’d fall.

There were times in the past I questioned

If she’d ever come at all.

One step, then two steps,

She falters but does not give up.

As she closes in I see that what she

Went through was almost too much.

And yet, now she comes with steady gait

Willing her legs to last.

This woman I’ve spent years not knowing

Coming to free me from my past.

Finally we meet, face to face

Identical in every way.

For one brief moment, we almost speak,

Of things endured along the way.

I thought I’d see me broken,

Eyes sunken with defeat.

Instead I see my champion,

Resilient beyond belief.

There were times she could’ve snapped in two

To relieve herself from pain.

But a willow only bends so far

before she finds her strength again.

The flame illuminated our faces

In one brief and glorious glow.

In silence she passed her torch to me,

A renewed and grateful soul.

Two journeys meeting once,

At this spot we could not plan.

One just getting started,

The other coming to an end.

I gave myself a quick embrace.

Thanks, it’s time for you to rest.

I’ve got it from here on out, I say,

With heartfelt thankfulness.

I turn around, torch in hand,

To start my own new path.

The future stretching miles ahead,

Confident, I don’t look back.

Confident, I don’t look back.

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Kari Watterson

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I’m a writer, mom & run a virtual accountability service. I blog about mindset & growth at Instagram: virtual_accountability_partner

a Few Words

A few words can change lives.

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