Popular Lies Writers Tell Themselves

Write Anyway.

Sarah Nderi
Sep 13 · 3 min read

No One Wants To Read This

hich is probably true at times but you’ll never know until you start writing. What’s more, your craft will never get better until you write. Not once, or twice but consistently showing up every single day and writing.

Most of my work is on parenting, product descriptions and client work. At times, I would rather be writing about something else. However, work gives me the inspiration to write and too much free time inhibits me from writing.

I am Not Prepared

Every writer tells themselves this. You don’t have the right equipment, you have a faulty laptop or your phone has a mind of its own. At least you have some form of equipment. Ignore this voice and write anyway.

I am Not Well Versed in This Topic

While I write a lot of parenting articles, I am not a parent myself. My articles hinge on online research, books and a dose of my personality.

Sure, I could have refused and said I don’t have experience on that but that would be working against my bottom line.

I don’t Have Authority to Speak on This Topic

Where you feel you have no authority; research, research and research.

I am Not Good Enough

This might stem from a place of inadequacy, or the excuse we give ourselves so we can feel good when we refuse to show up.

Show up, write and publish. Only then will you know if you’re good enough.

I’ll Hold On To This Piece Until I Start on X project

Suppose you have a project in mind for your side gigs and are hired for a similar project. You may decide to hold on to that material until you start your project.


Give it your all and think of it as an experiment for your project. You get to give it your all and start your project full of knowledge.


Ignore all the voices, show up daily and write. Showing up alone gives you all the confidence you need to keep on writing.

Sarah Nderi is an author, data analyst, fashion enthusiast, a lover of Korean drama and comedy. She received her BSc Economics and Statistics at Egerton University and lives in Nairobi, Kenya. You can find her work at MumsVillage and at her site, NderiSarah. Support her in putting her brother through school here.

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a Few Words

A few words can change lives.

Sarah Nderi

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Kenyan. BSc Economics and Statistics. Writer, Published by MumsVillage Kenya. Blogger at WP, Exploring Medium. Find me at nderisarah.com

a Few Words

A few words can change lives.

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