Rushing To Turn Back

Rebecca Jane Warrington
Apr 3 · 2 min read

“We’re rushing to return to a place that no longer exists” Derek Beres

Is back better? Where do we go from here? Back? Forward?

It became apparent Lucy was lost.

Back tracking was not possible as she could not recall the exact path.

Forward felt equally dismal and unreliable.

Paralysed in one spot.

Urging her foot to take a step ahead into the thick mist, her hands groping for something solid to ease her fears.

While behind her is clearer, returning back she knew was not possible.

Following a long respite forced by the pandemic, Lucy craved the comfort of life before, reminiscing of those times with loving tenderness.

When times were easy, food abundant, fruits dripped from the trees, the sun always shined, rainbows proceeded every rain shower.

Or so she recalled.

Lucy’s back side, trickled with sweat, claiming a contrasting version of her past.

Back, had been monotonous, fruitless, the sun shone only once in awhile, rain muddied the paths leading to sameness.

Turning towards the haze laden trail, her chest heaved with anticipation what lay ahead, once the fog lifts.

Frozen in real time, emotions heaving her forward and backwards, move forward, go back… swinging like a punching bag until it finally stops.

Lucy too stood still.

Her internal pendulum held in suspense.

Which direction? Forward or back? It occurred to her there were other directions she could go.

How about sideways, left or right, up or down, diagonal?

She looked to the left and then to the right.

Stepping off the beaten path, trodden by thousands of feet, she entered into uncharted space.

A path that had no clear direction, her body fought with vengence, seeking forward momentum, she almost succumbed, yet.

Sideways she walked.

Lessons Learned

“As we struggle with life’s challenges, we often fear becoming lost, and we tend to look to the past and future to become oriented. But instead we find ourselves in a mental fog of what was or what will be, when there is only what is”. Dr Steven C. Hayes

How often do you stop and look toward another direction other than where your mind automatically takes you?

What about sideways, up or down, here, are alternatives offering a fresh outlook.

In life’s evolving journey there is more that the customary linear way of moving and being.

Rushing to go back to a place that no longer exists is a set up for disappointment and despair, sideways maybe the best option for now.

A few words can change lives.

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