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Save You

For Those Times We Want to Save Someone Who Wants to Be Saved

Photo by Gustavo Linhares: https://www.pexels.com/photo/smiling-woman-1850004/

Save You

I had but one wish

Had it been granted

You would be a young Daffodil

I had but one wish, And

If it is ever granted

I would paint the sky rose again


Alas, My reflection in the mirror

Says otherwise

Amidst the cries of my soul

Pleading for release. Trapped she is-

In the capsule of the mirror

In the capsule of a happy Daffodil

And the wish I wished to be granted

Matters no more

When what I see makes my eyes sore


Yet, I don’t wish to be blind

For the truth is seen with the gut

And I don’t wish to be numb

For I’m a bit too simple for that one

but wait- “There is more” rings differently

For with the story of life, I’m not done


Photo by Hilary Halliwell: https://www.pexels.com/photo/selective-focus-photography-of-yellow-daffodil-flower-1031403/

Yet, I have a wish I want to grant

And that is to save you

Girl in the mirror,

A hero, for you, I want to be

As long as you and I think I can

As long as you want me to

For we need each other,

We, dazzling Daffodils.

-Imane Ben


I love coming back here. I’ve missed you all and I wish you all well today on your way!




A few words can change lives.

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Imane Ben

Writer| Thinker| Sharing my journey as a high-achiever and raising questions about themes that stir my curiosity. IG: imanewrites21

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