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The Sleep Specialist

Selling slumber is her specialty

Kayla Douglas
Jun 5 · 3 min read

She’s mulling over her options when her phone bleeps a soft series of tones that communicates she’s needed. Someone can’t sleep and she’s been contracted to do it for them.

A master at putting her mind to rest, she charges a premium for the energy produced when she slumbers. She hops into the tunnel and grabs a loop to be quickly transported to the client’s office.

This twisted tower houses the working space for nearly all the creative minds in the universe. It was the perfect place to market her services because, after centuries of work trying to craft a human race that didn’t need sleep, all they had done was further prove its importance.

Human brains need rest in order to come up with their most creative ideas. In a neurotypical dominated world, she had what the experts called a “disorder” an anomaly they wanted to “fix” but what she considered a quirk.

“What are you seeking, a power nap or a full recharge?” She asked the creator of the latest transportation technology.

“Well,” he ponders, “I know I won’t have time to sleep tonight so let’s do the power nap now and I’ll ping you again for that recharge later.”

“Whatever you say, sir. You know while sleep deprived you will have difficulty controlling your emotions and your decision making processes will be impaired. Just a reminder as your sleep specialist, sir.”

“Oh, all right. Your sleep treatments are really something so I can’t complain. I’m transferring the full amount to your account now.”

She settled herself in her usual spot on the sofa and closed her eyes knowing that in a few short hours, she would earn enough to live for 3 months.

One of the creatives determined to wipe out the need for sleep had made this machine. However, it was difficult to find humans who could drop off to dreamland quickly and easily. They all avoided sleep so much, it avoided them back.

Thanks to her neurological condition that involves an inability to regulate the sleep-wake cycle, she was familiar with navigating the worlds between sleep and wakefulness. With a couple of quick recharges throughout her day, she functions quite well. However, the careers of this society don’t allow for time to sleep. Despite the knowledge of how important it is for their bodies, they continue to promote a culture where sleep is considered weak.

Since research proves how necessary sleep is for cognitive function, the monetary value on it is huge. So she created her own business, sleeping for the people who aren’t willing to take the time. With her services, their productivity is soaring.

As her energy was diverted from her and funneled into her client, she knew how to set aside her worries and thoughts to sink into sleep.

The question would be waiting when she woke.

Did she really want to join the rat race? Or just continue to enable it?

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Kayla Douglas

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Life Coach, lifelong learner, travel enthusiast, living in Myanmar, raising awareness and understanding of narcolepsy

a Few Words

A few words can change lives.