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Take In A Breath Of Fresh Air

Knowing we need nature helps us center our mental health

Photo by Anders Nord on Unsplash

We all are connected, now, by the internet. Tethered to our devices.

One easy way to step away and unplug is to just go outside. Take a deep breath. Check in with your breathing and remember the trees, plants and oceans that make your breath possible.

Nature will communicate with you via your breath.

By inhaling nitrogen and oxygen, we feed our blood which fuels our brain. And, then, our bodies.

This communication is far more direct than texting, messaging, emailing, or even calling directly is. It is so direct that we take it for granted.

Take a deep breath. Remember inhalation is direct contact with the Earth that heals and supports life. Remember that exhalation is letting go of carbon dioxide. Waste products.

We take in support. We let out what is not fueling us. In exchange, we give that to the plants so they can make more oxygen.

An endless cycle. Yet, it has no disruptive miscommunications as the messages we leave, or fail to receive from others. Or, the ones where misunderstanding drives conflict and confusion.

Knowing this will give you appreciation, and a powerful sense of belonging which strives to defend your body, AND the support system that creates it.

More than that, you can center your mental and physical health, and most importantly, your belonging to this place.



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Christyl Rivers, Phd.

Ecopsychologist, Writer, Farmer, Defender of reality, and Cat Castle Custodian.