The Argument for My Next Reincarnation to Be a Cat

I’m not going to let my atheism get in the way of a good idea.

Shelly McIntosh
Oct 19 · 2 min read
Image by Pam Carter from Pixabay

I may have been a cat in a former life. Maybe it doesn’t work that way. Possibly I am working my way toward being a cat in a future life.

Wouldn’t being a pampered housecat be a fantastic reward for putting in time as a human?

Reasons I may qualify as a housecat now:

  • I have a comfortable chair I sit in a lot.
  • I have a couch with a soft quilt I lay on in the evenings.
  • I gravitate to warm places in the house, especially my computer keyboard.
  • I spend a lot of time grooming. I take long baths. I also spend lots of time on my hair and nails.
  • Although I’ve heard all the health arguments about eating a meat-free diet, I’m still a carnivore.
  • I like to play games. My favorites are board games but if I were a cat, the switch over to chasing feathers wouldn’t be impossible.
  • I like to spend quality time with my human. In my case, that is my husband.

The argument against my qualifications to be a housecat:

  • Extroversion

These things happen on a spectrum, though. One of my cats is very social and talkative. I could make it work.

Photo by Chris Abney on Unsplash

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