The Benches

Beth Stormont
Feb 3 · 2 min read

. . . and shadowed reflections

What is the true reality of these benches?
. . . Are they as appears in this photo?

When we observe the appearance of others
do we see the true reality of them? . . .

or do we see also their shadowed reflections
. . . reflections as appear with these benches?!

We all have a shadow side . . .
a side we try to hide from others
. . . a side we hope no one will ever see!

But when the sun shines brightly on us
we can no longer hide that shadow side
because its reflection is clearly seen..

So what then is the true reality of these benches
— as well as the reality of us humans?

I can only say, “Nothing is really as it seems..”

For when viewed in the light of the soul
— just as with the sun and the benches—
our shadowed side can hide no more!

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a Few Words

Beth Stormont

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Philosophic observer and poet of life experiences; mystic; college professor and professional Classical musician; lover of deep simplicity.

a Few Words

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