The Cafeteria Brunch

Kavya Muralidharan
2 min readJan 31, 2021


Both a smile and a frown…

Cafeteria | Source: Unsplash

Walking into a cafeteria one Sunday,
I sat waiting for my Chocolate sundae.
In a tiny striped shirt that fitted me just right,
And pair of baggy jeans with a shade of white.

A pleasant sense of smell charged the atmosphere.
As our table filled with desserts under the chandelier.
Right beside me, wearing a pair of funky glasses,
My mother was busy updating her Facebook status.

Desserts on the table | Source: Unsplash

The sundae stood tempting my eyes.
Something took me by surprise,
As I reached out to grab the snack
To gobble it down my stomach.

It was my mom’s zealous fingers to take a few snaps,
For the social media fans to leave the post a few claps.
Capturing the delicacies sitting elegantly
On top of the table cloth that looked lovely.

Clicking Pictures | Source: Unsplash

Soon after, the sundae beckoned me again,
I quickly grasped the snack not so mundane.
As I gulped the ice-cream with chocolate sprinkles,
The frosty dessert slid down the tongue, leaving tingles.

While I stuffed in my mouth a huge, gleaming red cherry,
My mom was on the edge of her seat, seeming not so hungry.
Anxiously waiting for her post to receive comments,
She constantly checked her phone for notifications.

Source: Unsplash

She got disappointed of the impasse.
At the moment that enlivened me,
She neglected to savour the instant.

The smile on my face was a frown on hers!