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The Menacing Resonance Of Time

Tick tock tick tock tick tock…

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I sit solemnly in my study, staring into the abyss of my blank canvas. While I’m at it, the echoes of the wall clock ticking loom all over my bedroom. The planet’s in an uproar, but somehow, the menacing resonance of time overpowers it. It reminds me that I’m running out of time. It reminds me that there’s no time for me to stand still. It reminds me that my day-to-day snags will, one day, be insignificant.

But in all the dark thoughts that swarm inside my head, there’s one that always shines bright. It is the reminder that there’s little left of this life and hence, it is “better to wear out than rust out” of this danse macabre.

With this thought, time is no more a fretting resonance but music to my ears. Music I dance to while I try my best to make the most of this short life. Music that inspires me to create as much as I can today because there may be no tomorrow.

Time’s still running out, but I’m standing still no more.




A few words can change lives.

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