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The Nature of Respect

Jeremiah Z.
a Few Words
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2 min readDec 10, 2019



What is its nature?

Like love and humor, its origins ought to be genuine.

True respect cannot be taken by force.
True respect will spawn organically.

To demand it from others is like trying to force someone to laugh or to fall in love.

To be respected is not a right, but a privilege earned.
Ultimately, the respected is only as valuable as his respecters.
Without others, respect fails to exist.

The illusion of respect can be fabricated through intimidation or bribery.
But the end result is just that, an illusion.
It will eventually be exposed for what it is, and die out.

Genuine respect can move mountains,
and is long lasting.

Respect should never be expected but rather, hoped for, worked for, and earned.

To assume it already in possession is to misunderstand the nature of respect.

To obtain respect, one must first understand how to give respect.

Ultimately, respect is a tangible gift that one freely chooses whom and whom not is worthy of its reception.

Once respect is given, it never rests permanently in one’s possession.
As freely as it was given, it can just as freely be taken back.

Respect for one’s self is a prerequisite to obtaining respect from others.

Never confuse vanity for genuine self-respect.

Self-respect is the honest recognition of one’s own competence and value.

Vanity is the strained posturing of self due to the delusion of an inflated self-image.

Respect others.

Respect yourself.

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