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The Next Step

a poem

Photo by Junar Eliang on Unsplash

You never see everything at once
the whole staircase a labyrinth.
We’re often not meant to know
what outcomes will be.

Maybe the knowing would keep
us from enjoying the journey?
Take time to appreciate the ride.
Seeing the staircase would be
overwhelming and discouraging.

We can make predictions, but not
with 100% certainty. Life has a way
of knocking us back. The thing
we thought was a slam dunk turns
into the thing that we wonder what
went wrong. Why we were so certain.

So focus on the next step. What do you
ultimately want? You can always
course-correct if your predictions don’t pan.
Give the next step both focus and love.

It’s the building block that leads to what
is going to be. It’s what you can see and
so much is decided by how we handle what
we have right now- how we handle.

When you’re done with this step- you’ll
know what the next step is. Take it slow.

This is a time where we focus so much on what will be different and better next year. We dream of the final outcomes and life can throw wrenches. Sometimes it’s better to just take what the next logical step is and go from there. There will always be lessons to learn and things change, often without our permission. Focus on what can be controlled. Focus on the next step, not the entire staircase.




A few words can change lives.

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