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a Few Words

This is Me

Photo by Leighann Blackwood on Unsplash

I was born in bustling, high-rise Camden,
Apparently birth and health weren’t in tandem,
My mother insisted I have a Christian name,
My skin is like ten blackheads aflame.
My hair is silky but used to be afro,
My eyes are kind, and don’t give aggro,
My physical peculiarity is quite unforeseen,
The best thing about me is I’m ever keen.
The worst is I’m seen as the “alternative”.
I’d describe my fashion as casual; conservative.
My hobbies are many; tennis of course,



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Mabel Osejindu

Mabel Osejindu

Writer, Poet, Teacher. Bookworm. I write about love, religion, spirituality, relationships and nature. Follow me on Instagram: @mabelosejindu